Sunday, May 31, 2009

Corn on the cob/Corn Salad with Feta and Walnuts

I got the hubby to grill up some ears of corn the other night--I shucked them, then he wrapped them in aluminum foil, poured in a little olive oil, and threw them on the grill. Simple, but YUMMY. I love butter, but don't need it on this corn, so it's probably a lot healthier this way, too. For me, anyway...

I sliced the left-over corn off of the cobs, and used it to make Corn Salad with Feta and Walnuts. I got the recipe out of the June 2009 Real Simple magazine. The ingredients sounded like odd pairings, but I thought it was pretty good. And I'm a picky eater! I'll probably make this again.

Notes: When I made this, I halved the recipe because I only had two cups (ears) of corn, and I went back and diced the jalapeno into smaller pieces than are shown going in. And I added in some cumin. Because I really like cumin. And I thought it needed just a little something else. Be careful when toasting the walnuts--they burn quickly (as in, I had to toast twice because I burned the first batch). Also, don't add the Feta cheese until you serve the salad; apparently it gets a little soggy if it sits for a while.


KAJ said...

The food sounds nice and all, but how did you do that super cool photo arrangement?!?!?

wirrek said...

I guess someone was paying attention when I said my sister doesn't believe you unless you take pictures.

Try a little more salt and peppper. I bet that is what you were missing.

Jenny said...

i'm a photoshop junkie, and photoshop elements 5.0 has "projects" that you can do, one of which is "photo layout". you choose how many pictures, and whether to use a background (i didn't). then you insert the pictures. done.

i thought it was fine after i added the cumin. (like i said, a cumin junkie.) *maybe* a little more salt. (and yes, i was paying attention!)

Michelle said...

I agree - I loved the photo arrangement!

Oh, and I'm on a serious feta kick right now, so I'll be trying that 2nd recipe soon.