Saturday, January 1, 2011

Supper Club Challenge aka Vegan/Gluten Free

Now this is a challenge!

I joined this supper club in the fall. What is a supper club? Well, it is just a group of adults, all of us who have young children, plan that a certain night of the week we will have dinner together with no kids. Our night is the the third thursday of the month. Each month we take turns hosting. The host is responsible with organizing that month and providing the main dish. The rest of us volunteer to bring different courses. It has been a really good thing to be a part of mainly because this is really the only way we would get together without kids. It is so nice to actually be able to sit and talk for a little while every month. There are 5 couples in our little club. Of these 10 people, one has celiac's disease. That just means this person is gluten intolerant. No wheat products (aka bread and pasta) and you would be surprised how many things gluten is in! Another couple are vegans. They eat this diet for health reasons (The China Study), not necessarily based on moral issues. I try to take both of these things into account when trying to decide what to make and let me tell you, it can be difficult. It is the worse suppper club ever! Thankfully, both are pretty easy going. The vegans are okay with eating meat sometimes and the gluten free person just eats around certain things.

It is my turn to host in January, so if I have to come up with something, I am making all of you participate as well. Here is your challenge:

1. Join or start a supper club.
2. Make one gluten free meal.
3. Make one vegan meal.
4. Make one gluten free/vegan meal.

Try to do any one or all of those listed above. Happy new year everyone!


KAJ said...

You know we are all completely blown away by this one...right? At least I am....

Michelle said...

This one is right up my ally. Thanks!