Sunday, January 23, 2011

Supper Club


Since the inspiration for this challenge was my supper club, I thought I should tell you about my supper I hosted. Unforuately, the above picture was the only one I took, there was just too much going on!

For my dinner, I served fajitas. I marinated and grilled steak, chicken, and portabella mushrooms. I also served sauteed peppers and onions, mexican rice, and black beans. I had the other members bring an appetizer (7 layer dip), a salad (avacado feta), magaritas (skinny girl), tortillas (flour and corn, corn is gluten free!), mexican beer, and dessert (margarita cupcakes!).

There are twelve people in this supper club. Do you have an idea how many people twelve people are? It is a lot. It is all our matching plates, we were short one fork, and don't even get me started on the wine glasses. Luckily we all fit at the table, but just barely.

Supper club is really less about the dinner and more about the company. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food. For the first time I have leftover meat, but ran out of the veggies. The mushroom fajitas were probably the best! Mexican is great for something like this becaus everyone can pick and choose depending on their own diets. However, I think next time I will do shrimp and grits...don't tell!

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Michelle said...

I think Mexican is great for accommodating different food preferences. You can do gluten free (corn), vegan (beans) and the like without making a big deal of it. We are going to have some friends for dinner soon and I'm thinking of doing a make your own tacos/taco salad so I can eat vegetarian but still provide some meat for our guests. Glad you had a fun supper club!