Saturday, July 4, 2009


I think every year, there is a kale. There is one vegtable item that just gets harvested like crazy, and you never know what to do with it. This year, ours is KALE. It actually started in May, before the CSA actually began. It was growing so fast, we had some early pick ups. I really thought this was a winter vegtable, but here it is July and we are still getting KALE. We sauteed it up a few times with garlic, ok, but now what? I found the following recipes:

Ricotta and Kale salad. Kale is a little bit bitter to eat in this form, but the riccotta salada helps to balance this. Mark ate every last bite (he loves salad). I would add a bit of sugar to the dressing next time.

Kale and Potato Puree. This was a real winner. So rich and creamy, you really couldn't even taste the kale. Not sure if that is bad or good. Even Andy ate it, and he doesn't really do table food at this point. Course, it practically is baby food. Anyways, it is a great side for a sunday dinner. It is pictured here with meatloaf.


Roasted kale. Really? You can roast kale? Yup. I really enjoyed this as well, but Mark and both kids thought it was wierd. It gets really crispy, like a thin potato chip. The flavor reminded me of fried okra. Next time I would skip the vinegar step. Don't need it. Picture here with leftover meatloaf.



Mel said...

I have no idea what kale is. Is this a geographic thing?

I think I may have heard the word once, but really, I have never seen or eaten it (that I know of).

Michelle said...

My daughter actually eats kale raw - she munches on it at the grocery store while I'm shopping. It's also good in white bean soups. I sometimes use it with spinach in a green smoothie - just make sure to blend for a bit. I'll have to try the potato recipe.

KAJ said...

You should name your next kid Kale.