Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I have said this before, but this time of year, I like to buy one of those BIG watermelons from a roadside stand, seeded of course. I just find it tastes a lot better than the ones without seeds. This of course leads to another problem, what do you do with all that watermelon. We ate some, gave some away, and still was left with about half. This first thing I tried was the watermelon salsa KAJ posted last year.


(my camera was dying for all these pictures, not none of them were very good)

I thought this was ok. Perhaps my huge, seeded super sweet watermelon was a little much for this salsa. My red onion was bad so I used a white one, and did feel it was missing something, could be a little more onion taste.


The other thing I made was watermelon and cucumber tonic from the July 2009 Cooking Light. I know, right? Can't decide if it sounds really good or really bad? Well, I definately thought it sounded interesting. I followed the recipe pretty much exactly and actually measured all my ingredients. (this does not always happen) The one exception was that I used a regular cucumber instead of an english. The result. Ummmmmmm, not so good. I felt the cucumber taste was overwhelming. Maybe I just don't like gin. I tried it a couple of times, but again, it was just ok.


I served the tonic with a meal of stuffed hatch chili peppers and it just looked so impressive, I took a picture.



Robin said...

Hey, no fair have to post that stuffed chili pepper recipe ... that looks awesome!

KAJ said...

Those do look impressive! The rest of it looks good too! Watermelon Salsa is an interesting venture... I like Mango Salsa...