Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grilled Marinated Beef Pg 272

This was delicious. My husband and I really enjoyed it. He also cooked the meat very well, which helped. I just got some Top Sirloin that was on sale. Let me tell you, Coriander seed is amazing. I was grinding it with my mortar and pestle, and it smelled soooo delicious!!! This was a quick and easy recipe. I would make it again!!!


Mel said...

Oooh, I bookmarked this one a while back and haven't tried. Good to know it's a hit!

wirrek said...

I am leary on the beef. Most Indians don't eat it, but I still bookmarked some also!

KAJ said...

That is so funny!! That is what B said, but of course he embraced eatting steak!! He was like, "don't they worshipd cows or something?"