Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tikka Kebabs (pg. 256)

I decided to pick something that didn't require me to buy a ton of things I don't normally use. This one was great, because the only out of the ordinary thing I bought was ground coriander.

My husband and I both like lamb and this seemed interesting without sounding too weird. It was great! The marinade had a wonderful flavor without overpowering the lamb which was really tender. I'll definitely use the marinade again.

Here is our meal.

Since I've never used coriander before, do any of you have any suggestions of other ways I can use it? Thanks!


wirrek said...

Hey Hollie,

Corriender is one of our staples. It goes with anything mexican, but you can really add it with anything calling for cumin.

KAJ said...

Yes, I use it all the time for bean dips or enchiladas!!

Your tikka kebabs look great!!

Mel said...

Wow, the food looks and sounds awesome. I might have to try this one.