Sunday, August 9, 2009

Potato-Stuffed Parathas p130 & Cucumber Raita p67

These parathas are incredible, and I might add that I think they "might" be fun to make with your kiddos. Remember, I am blissfully naive. I read the instructions and could not figure out how to fold/roll/press them, so I went to youtube and found this which helped A TON:

Once I saw it in action, I was ready. Now, I didn't use the oil/ghee as instructed but stuck with the spray instead.

The potato filling is excellent by itself. I made half with parsley and half with mint. I really liked them both, but I'm not sure how good it would have tasted to use those coriander leaves/cilantro. I did use 1 jalapeno.

The dough was tough to make. For me, the water/flour ratio was WAY off, but I used the wrong setting on the food processor. I had to use a ton of extra flour, just to salvage it and another ton to roll out the sticky mess. This would be a good time to reiterate that it was worth it. I did use the atta flour as instructed. Helpful hint: If you can't find it at the Indian market, it's because it's on the "bulk foods aisle" because it generally starts at 10 lbs and up. I was fortunate to get 2.5 lbs.

Follow the instructions on the video, use a hot pan, use spray or oil, and wow your loved ones and guests. No wait, don't invite guests because they will eat your food and you won't have as much :)

We served it with cucumber raita which was also excellent. I bought plain jane yogurt and just mixed everything together, minus the water. I didn't go through the draining process. Once again, we used mint instead of the cilantro, and honestly, I think mint is the better choice for raita, hands down. I would not use the cilantro in the raita, but that's just me.

Here is a pic of the parathas:


wirrek said...

I had the though about making some of this street food, but keep going back and forth if it would be worth it. And I am sure making this would be fun for my kids...not so fun for me! Ack! Preschoolers!

Mel said...

Wirrek - it was a lot of work :) Honestly, if all you did was just the parathas, it wouldn't be bad at all, but by adding on the other dishes it was pretty laborious. If I do it again, it will probably be by itself with some other indian-food-in-a-box recipe.