Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

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Remember this one Robin? We made pizzas one Sunday night and Robin brought this recipe. We loved it and it has been in regular weekend night rotation ever since. The recipe is based on the Pizzeria Uno pizza and it is from copykat.

I feel like I really should tweak this one a bit, but other than using less cheese, I pretty much follow it as written. I would like to replace some of the oil with butter and make it with less crust and more toppings, but just never get around to it. It definitely is not the real thing, but will do if you have a craving for pizza like this.

And what is the deal with New York style pizza anyways? I mean, I can understand if you are in a hurry and that is all that there is, but true Chicago style is just AWESOME!!!

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Robin said...

Yes, I do remember the pizza party night ... particularly Mark's memorable home brew that complemented the pizzas perfectly! I made this for my family last Feb. when I was home and we used my brothers huge cast iron camping pan and it was perfect for it. I agree you need a bigger pan than the recipe calls for ... it's so much dough.

I agree, Chicago beats NY in my opinion ...but you must get the white slice, at least once, if you are in NYC.