Friday, September 14, 2007

Chicken Fried Steak...Hell Yeah!

I am sorry that I will be adding a dash of cursing to the monthly challenge, but luckily it is so tough for me to contribute that it probably won't be a problem for very long. At any rate, this one has almost no nutritional content, but your husbands will LOVE it! Mine did. I used a combination of Alton Brown's recipe and a Southern Living recipe. This is how I roll...I went to the store and asked the butcher who was stocking the meat for some cube steak..."We don't have that."...What should I use for Chicken Fried Steak(this is my first time)..."Tenderized round steak." He was right, that stuff was actually made just for Chicken Fried Steak.

At any rate, this is what I did... salt and pepper meat, dredge in flour, egg, flour. Let rest. I fried them in my ALL-CLAD pan (because it is not non-stick) in peanut oil, 3 min a side and placed them in the oven while I was making the gravy. I pour out some oil, added 3tbsp flour, put in some chicken and beef broth, milk and thyme. Served it with some homemade mash potatoes.

I would make it again, but it needed ALOT more salt. And we ran out of gravy... Here are the BEFORE....

and AFTER!!


wirrek said...

Welcome to the PG-13 rated blog. Good thing there is no S-E-X. But that looks awesome. Don't tell Mark, or I will have to make it. What did you make for your green vegtable?

wirrek said...

YUM!! Made this tonight. It was very easy and tasty, but yeah, not real nutrional. I wanted to cook something for the challenge, but everything I came up with was sandwich related. I made it more Alton Brown then SL and probably used too much oil...I don't measure, thats how I roll. My crust didn't turn out all that well, but the gravy was finger licking good.