Sunday, September 9, 2007

Taco Salad?

Okay I know that I am reaching, but I really wanted to contribute. I will do better next time. At any rate, all I really did was make a great salad and try to spice up the dressing with a recipe I found on, but then I didn't follow that either. Recipes are not our thing.

Chop up some tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms ,avocados topped with salt, pepper, and lime
Delicately seasoned ground beef...Brian will not eat a meatless meal.

Ranch Dressing, Salsa, Red Pepper, Mexican seasoning in a food processor. The recipe called for chipotle seasoning, but I did not have any:( Brian liked the dressing, but I thought it just tasted like spicy ranch. I probably will not make it again.


KAJ said...

I forgot that I put cilantro as well!

wirrek said...

Well, you got to have cilantro! I'll allow "Taco Salad", but what happened to the low country boil?