Monday, September 29, 2008

Bahn Mi


I think I really tried to do some different things this month. This sandwich was something I would never have tried in the past. However, pork tenderloin is my new favorite go-to meal, so using it in a sandwich seemed right up my ally.

This recipe was in the section about cravings, and how people who work there crave spicy, ethnic food. Personally, don't see what is wrong with eating ethnic food. I mean, look at this, it is like a salad on a sandwich. I have never had real bahn mi though...they must really like it there in Birmingham. ;)

As written, this was just ok, but I could definately see way to tweak it and make it better. Imagine if you had leftover pork, made a hot-sour-salty-sweet dressing, add some bread and veggies, and TA-DA! meal #2.

I made this last week, and only got around to posting now. It has been a busy time!

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