Monday, September 29, 2008

Ziti (penne) with spinach & tomatoes (repeat)

I made this grown up mac n cheese today, at wirrek's suggestion, and let me just reiterate that this is a fantastic meal! I can never eat cream sauces because of the butter, but this was awesome. DH loved it as well, and said that wirrek's DH was right about it being such a great meal.

I hate repeating what has already been posted, but this really is good. I added quite a bit more spinach and used vine tomatoes instead of grapes (cost). Can't wait to make it again.

I served it with toast that I rubbed a half piece of garlic on.


wirrek said...

Didn't you have some concerns that DH wouldn't go for this due to lack of meat?

Mel said...

Yes! I gave him a triple portion and didn't feed him until 7:30. It worked!