Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Mexican Chili Verde


Even though it has still been hot here, I decided to give this "chili" a try. It is really more of a soup and it would be a nice meal to some recent victims of strep throat. I actually made it last sunday, and we tried to eat it on Monday. There was only 6 aneheim peppers at the store, so I also got pablanos. However, when roasting, SOMETHING was very spicy...not the mild as promised in the recipe. I ended up using all 6 aneheim peppers, and only 2 pablanos. DH (with strep)still thought it was too spicy for his throat, however, my 2 year old (recent recovery from strep) ate it up. It was a very simple tasting dish, but pretty good. I think would be really good with some HATCH chili peppers, but more about that next month ;)


Mel said...

I agree. Hatch peppers sound like they would be very good in this recipe. Similar to anaheim.

Robin said...

Looks great!