Monday, January 11, 2010

Chicken Sate

One more!


This one really counts. I have always wanted to make chicken sate (satay). For a party food, it would be easy to make, but impressive. And who (besides my husband) doesn't like a peanut sauce? I made this for a fun Saturday night dinner. The boys loved first.



They really thought it was cool. I mean, they didn't really eat it, or anything else on their plate, but it was fun.

I served it with my sweet potato fries to maintain the finger free theme. Those fries were GREAT with that peanut sauce. I hope to make this again.



KAJ said...

Those make my mouth water! Seeeee...we should be in a wedding catering business and Britt could be the wedding planner!! I could make the cakes...eventually:)

Robin said...

I've made Sate a lot for parties and it is always a hit. These look great!

Mel said...

I have made your sweet potato fries countless times since you posted that recipe a long time ago! Yum.