Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Eve - Polenta Coniglio

Whenever we are in Italy for Christmas, our traditional family dinner is Polenta Coniglio. Well, we were not in Italy this Christmas but decided to give it a try ourselves. Coniglio is rabbit. Yes, that's right ... when everyone here is having their Christmas turkey ... we are feasting on a Christmas Bunny. Say what you will ... but, it's really tasty braised with some wine and rosemary and supposedly even leaner than chicken. Do I even need to post the recipe ... or is everyone pretty much horrified? I will give you one polenta tip, however, the copper pot that every Italian cook & cookbook swears by for polenta making really does improve the quality of your polenta. I think the copper keeps the water temp high as you add your cornmeal so you don't end up with lumps ... I was impressed ... I received this as a gift last year and love it!

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wirrek said...

Wow! I am not so horrified at the bunny, but I have tried rabbit before and not really liked it. However, Gilbert LOVES rabbit ;) How long did you have to stir that polenta?