Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chicken strips for grown ups

Robin posted this recipe like 2 years ago. Can you believe this blog has been around for that long?

Tonight I gave my husband two options for dinner. He didn't like either of them. Due to time constraints I ended up going with this one. I guess when I first read this recipe, I thought it suppose to be healthy, but no, you fry them. I guess that is what makes it good.

It worked though, they came out nice and brown and crunchy.

When we sat down for dinner, Mark was SO excited. I don't know why it turned out better than he thought. I think he liked the sesame seeds and the chili sauce. He actually asked for extra chili sauce to dip. I know it was suppose to be finger foods, but we did use a fork and a knife. I served it with baked sweet potatoes and apple sliced.


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