Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorbet Balls


13 oz sorbet
8 oz dark chocolate melts or buttons

What I used
1 pint strawberry sorbet(All I could find)
6 oz semisweet baking squares

1. Soften the sorbet slightly(if you do this step as soon as you get home from the store, you will be fine:) spread into a shallow container to 2.5 cm deep. Put in freezer until solid.

- I just scooped out of the pint container.

2. With a melon scooped, scoop out sorbet balls and place a cocktail stick or toothpick in each. Place in a dish covered with wax paper, or like me, just put in a Tupperware container. Cover and allow to freeze over night.

3. In a double oven melt chocolate.

4. The next part is quite tricky so you need to be careful. Ladle some chocolate into a separate bowl so that if anything goes wrong you won't ruin the whole batch. Work with just a few balls at a time so they don't melt. Dip each in the chocolate , then place back on the tray and return to freezer. Reheat chocolate if necessary, but if it seizes, start with a new bowl and new batch. (I believe that this is when the chocolate won't stick to the sorbet ball) Freeze until ready to serve.

5. Serve in an ice bowl. I even made the ice bowl by filling a large bowl with water and then placing a smaller bowl in the water to float, but weight it down so it sits in the water. Allow to freeze completely overnight. Use a cloth dipped in hot water to loosed the smaller bowl once frozen.

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wirrek said...

Wow, were these good? They look awesome!